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    Running Vest mobile holder


    Nothing to hold you back: Is an armband, running belt, and running backpack just not your thing? Isn’t carrying something along just plain distracting? Hate it when things bounce around? We got you! Our original design aims to minimize any interference to functional movements while giving you easy access to your devices. So you can go ahead and track your progress, change songs, follow a route or workout, or stay connected with the rest of the world without the fuss.

    Comfortable fit: Easyrun running vest mobile holder comes with an adjustable waistband to perfectly fit your size. Our vests are made of smart materials that mold your body. Now you have the perfect gear for running, hiking, or gym training busting out on that workout equipment. Our vests are perforated with breathable holes to allow excess heat to escape and reduce the chances of overheating. And just like you, we are practical. So we designed our vest with durable and water-resistant materials for long-term use even under extreme conditions.